Speed To ROI, LLC

I work with key people on the executive team who have hit a brick wall and have no one they trust to help them through it. Their personal problems are proving costly and they need to get back on track yesterday.

Other consultants advise on business strategy. My specialty is fast, gentle resolution of whatever personal issues get in the way of full productivity. That is my sweet spot and full focus. I am the expert Executive and Leadership Consultants call in when they are frustrated that, in spite of their best efforts, a hidden psychological roadblock is obstructing the progress of an important client.

Traditional approaches don’t work because they focus on the symptoms and not the root cause. And they take forever. We get to root cause quickly. My clients take back control and experience exponential results.

Speed To ROI, LLC (2015) is a re-branding of Sales Development Institute (1993). We worked with companies that design, engineer and manufacture on a global scale. Clients included Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 firms, mainly from the manufacturing sector (tier I and tier II automotive parts, electronics, industrial automation and other high technology firms).

We specialized in helping executives align their sales and technical teams’ efforts to secure contracts through deeper engagement with firms in China, Japan and South Korea. As an example, one company alone generated over $750 million in added sales revenue within two years.

Then 2008 hit and my world came crashing down. One contract after another got cancelled as clients concerned themselves with staying afloat. After spending far too much time grieving the loss of the business, I came to the realization that the most rewarding aspect of my work was always the one-on-one connection with individuals in seminars and executive retreats. It was in this confidential context that we achieved massive breakthroughs—both personal and financial.

Now I am the one who gets called in when high level executives are having professional challenges due to unresolved emotional issues that require quick resolution. Because, while it’s understood that the corporation cares only about its financial results for shareholders, and while emotional matters are a taboo topic at this level of the organization, unresolved issues can cost the company millions.


“Mia Doucet designed a training program for me and my team of technical experts. As a direct result of her efforts, we secured a $25 million dollar contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Climate Control, Inc. after two years of failed efforts. We also rescued a contract with Delphi Automotive Systems (a US-based Tier I auto parts firm) and won additional contracts worth $100 million.”
~ Jon Aristone, Engineering Manager, President & CEO, Mastermind Innovations Corporation (formerly with Siemens VDO Automotive)

The ideas and advice you gave me during our videoconference session 10 days ago saved our joint venture partnership in South Korea. Otherwise, it would have cost my company 55 million dollars. That is why I have invited you to work with my entire team.
~ J. P., Executive Vice-President (Fortune 500 firm) 

“Your leadership retreat was an eye-opener for a lot of our managers. We did a complete makeover here after your session. The biggest accomplishment was our interpersonal relationships with people of 52 different cultures in our firm. They are big assets to this company, and with deeper knowledge and a better understanding, they give back 10 times over in higher productivity.”
~ Juergen Reichelt, now VP Operations, Cosma International Group, Magna International

Mia Doucet
Founder, Speed To ROI, LLC