Mia Doucet


I work with CEOs, VPs and Directors who are quick, smart, high-achieving, progressive, ahead of their time, and intend to stay that way . . . but have run into a brick wall.

Once a consultant to global Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 manufacturing firms seeking to increase their profits in Asia. (“My focus was the high stress, high-strung, high testosterone Tier I and Tier II automotive industry.”) I now work one on one with executives who require absolute confidentiality in resolving any personal issue that is proving costly to the team and requires quick resolution. (Issues include but are not restricted to anger, betrayal, grief, guilt, trauma and transitions.)

In spite of their intelligence, in spite of their career success, they are unable to solve the emotional challenge on their own and don’t know where to turn or who to turn to for assistance. They want the problem resolved quickly and quietly, “under invisible,” as one client described it.

My specialty is fast, gentle dissolution of whatever hidden barriers get in the way of full productivity. As a trusted advisor, I offer a unique, proprietary method that is a combination of psychological and strategic.

I thrive on my clients achieving exponential ROI. So I choose to work only with clients who are fully committed to work with me to achieve spectacular outcomes in a short period of time.

My expertise includes the ability to

– rapidly zoom in and solve personal and business problems

– generate million-dollar ideas for my corporate clients

– dissolve negative emotions at source

 I hold a degree in education and accreditation in consulting, sales, coaching, human resources, and several energy psychology disciplines. I am an award-winning published author, past member of International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFFPS) and Radio Host.

My home is London, Ontario, Canada when it’s warm and Venice, Florida, USA in the fall and winter months. CONTACT

 “I believe that 80% of my obstacles were internal, and you helped me overcome them.”
~ Deryck Hart, now Global Managing Director – Automation / Automotive at ITW

“I’m a believer! It’s been transformational. Eight years of talk therapy got me nowhere except it was a good place to complain. Your style is great toward getting to the issues and getting them resolved. This is the most peaceful my life has ever been. I feel good. I feel free, for the first time ever. The track I was on was killing me but now I have the confidence to finally step back and make positive changes in my life.”
~ Kim Petry, Chief Financial Officer

“Mia has the ability to listen deeply, to conceptualize and be strategic at the same time. Her feedback is incisive and she sees creative solutions that others can’t.”
~ Dr. Brad McRae, CSP, Director, Atlantic Leadership Development Institute 

“Mia’s true genius is her ability to combine her vision, insights, and research to spark money-making ideas.”
~ Joseph (Joe) Varghese, Business Development, North America and Asia, Motor Division, Siemens VDO Automotive Inc.

 “I want to thank you for triggering a single idea that resulted in a signed contract after many, many months of negotiation that was going nowhere. This first contract alone was worth many, many millions of dollars and the volume has grown steadily since then.”
~ Joseph (Joe) Varghese, Business Development, North America and Asia, Motor Division, Siemens VDO Automotive Inc.