Have you hit a brick wall because of conflict, anger, frustration or other pesky issue?

Is this negatively impacting your business?

Other consultants advise on executive strategy. I help executives fix whatever is broken in their life that they can't talk to anybody about. Unacknowledged personal problems that affect the entire team and threaten to eat into your financial results.

I thrive on my clients achieving exponential ROI.

So if your results are suffering because you or someone on your team have hit a brick wall, and there's no one you can trust to help get through it . . .. .

That is what I do.

Not only help you get through it but resolve it once and for all. And fast.

I do it with TAKE BACK CONTROL—a painless, proven, proprietary process that dissolves personal issues at source. Based on latest scientific discoveries.


I have over 25 years of experience working with executives at all levels of global organizations. At the time of the global financial meltdown of 2007 – 2008, my specialty was helping manufacturing firms increase margins by aligning their technical teams with their business development efforts in Asia Pacific. Clients, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 firms, were experiencing enormous success.

My thriving business collapsed along with the economy. So I know what it’s like to hit a wall at 90 miles an hour.

The financial failure of my business brought up old emotional scars and created a lot of self-doubt. All of which worsened over time and put me in a state of paralysis.

It took 18 long months to recover emotionally and psychologically, until I discovered the solution that changed my life: TAKE BACK CONTROL

I don't want you or anyone to have to go through this turmoil. It's just too costly in time. And too disruptive to your finances and your life.

Today, my goal is helping you get through your own challenges quickly and painlessly.

MY GUARANTEE: No results, no fee.

MY PROMISE: 100% confidentiality. Absolute discretion.

CONTACT ME: If a conversation makes sense, let’s set a time for a quick chat. We’ll know in minutes if this is right for you.

. . . resulted in a signed contract after months of failed negotiation. On its own, that first contract alone was worth many, many millions of dollars. Since then the volume has kept growing steadily.

Joe Varghese - Siemens VDO (Motors Division)

We secured a $25 million dollar contract with Mitsubishi after two years of failed efforts. We also rescued a contract with Delphi Automotive . . . and won additional contracts worth $100 million.

Jon Aristone - Siemens VDO (HVAC Division)

When a coaching client has emotional baggage that stands in the way of making the expected progress, I've seen better results with you in weeks versus months or years of traditional therapy.

Greg Schinkel - CSP, Frontline Leadership Systems